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Starting A Home Gym

Start a home gym is a great idea. If you are planning on taking this step, then let me say congratulations. However this task can seem daunting with hundred of articles giving insights but all at the same time leave you confused. Below are 4 recommendations of equipment that should be in all home gyms.

1. Yoga Mat/Padded Mat - These will help to decrease any chances of slipping. The cushion will help with stability as well as decrease tension on your bones and joints. They are good for high-impact exercises as well.

2. Resistance bands- These can come with handles or as looped bands. These are not only great for strength exercises but for stretching and mobility as well.

3. Yoga Block or Pilates Ball- These can be great for stability, balance, and core exercises. It can also add a level of challenge to your workouts.

4. Jump Rope-Hands down one of the best total body cardio exercises you will get.. It also has benefits of improving your agility and coordination. Let’s be honest, it is just fun.

These are a few pieces to get you started and then you can always add more.

If at any time you need help or exercises for some of these don’t hesitate to reach out.


What's Next?

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