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Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

"What are you doing here in the US?"

I often get this question when I tell anyone I am from Barbados. An island in the Caribbean with picturesque beaches and people with the warmest smiles. I could be biased.

I moved from Barbados to attend Missouri State University (Go Bears!) on a NCAA Division 1 track and field scholarship. There, I loved not only the competition but also the team environment. We shared each other's pains but also celebrated the victories.

After Missouri, not having a determined path I ended up at Washington State University (Go Cougs!) to pursue a Master’s in Food Science with an emphasis on Sensory Science. While there, I was able to be a Volunteer Coach for the track and field team. By this time my friends were asking me to train them and through the urging of my friend Andrea, I became a Certified Personal Trainer.

I left Washington, moved to Cincinnati, OH, and entered the corporate world. Navigating that life was challenging. In a few years, I was married and became a mom and poured into that as well. The harsh reality is that I was overwhelmed and stressed and the one thing that brought me joy and allowed me to refresh both physically and mentally most days moved to the bottom of my list. Let’s be honest sometimes I crossed it off my list.

"OMG!, how did that happen?"

Is often the question I get when I tell people my retina detached in 2016. To the mystery of myself and the doctors, my life came to an abrupt halt, and within 24 hours I was in emergency surgery. A few more surgeries and about 4 years of recovery left me in deep thought.

"How many women go through this?"

Is what I asked myself lying on the couch while recovering. How many women neglect themselves on their list of responsibilities, ignore that nagging feeling or simply say “I’m fine” when they are not? How many women understand that movement and self-care allow not only the mental benefits but the physical benefits of knowing when something is “off.”

I want women to feel empowered through movement. I want women to prioritize their mental and physical well-being. Instead of the over-used and unrealistic work-life balance, let us reimagine it and concentrate on work-life sustainability. As women, we know our lives will never be balanced but we must put practices in place that will make it sustainable.

With this prelude, I want to welcome you to the Sculpt & Glo community, where no exercise is difficult, and where you will not be judged for what you can’t do, what you wear or don’t wear. We celebrate all victories big or small. Where you are greeted with a smile and you leave each session glowing.

Set up a Consultation call with me today. I got you! :)


What's Next?

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