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Exercise During Pregnancy

It's been proven there are numerous benefits of exercise for the mom and baby. As the pregnancy develops and a woman’s body changes you may need to adjust your exercise type, duration, and level of exertion.

Benefits for Mom

As a woman’s body adjusts to added weight as well as changes in hormones, exercise can help with reducing muscle strain, decreasing back pain, and may even help a bit with fatigue.

Exercise can also help regulate mood swings and prepare mom for labor and delivery.

Research has even shown shown that mothers who were active before becoming pregnant had a lower rate of gestational diabetes.

Benefits for Baby

Babies of active moms may have stronger and healthier hearts. Their heart rates tend to be lower in utero as well as after birth. They also get a significant brain boost, showing that they tend to be more active and mature. Another added benefit shows babies show fewer signs of fetal distress due to delivery.

Here are some exercises you can do during pregnancy:

  • Walking

  • Running

  • Swimming

  • Prenatal Yoga

  • Dancing

  • Low-impact exercise classes

  • Stretching

  • Weight Training

As always, talk to your healthcare provider about exercise before and during pregnancy.


What's Next?

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