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Hi, I’m Luan

Founder of Sculpt & Glo Fitness.

My mission is to help women discover their glow. The glow that is achieved when they are happy and healthy. I empower women to become more comfortable in their bodies and go on a journey with them. This journey helps them discover that fitness is not a chore, that it has no defined shape or size. It is something that can be incorporated into their lives.


Introducing Sculpt & Glo

Sculpt & Glo is a fitness community designed to celebrate and
support women of all shapes and sizes. The barre class will focus on
mobility and flexibility while the small group training is targeted at improving mental and physical endurance. Bring your authentic self and you will be surrounded by positive energy and a squad cheering you on. The time to take care of yourself isn't yesterday, it is now!

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" The best! You feel really good about yourself afterwards and you always  feel welcomed.

- Mari Berry


"Luan is the best! This is seriously the first workout class I've ever actually enjoyed. She keeps it challenging, upbeat, and fun. I'm disappointed when I have to miss her class and that's saying something. Thank you for being awesome, Luan!"

-Sarah Felix

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" Love her class. Luan makes it challenging and fun. Laughing and working hard makes the time go fast.

-Elizabeth Oligby

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